Cuisinière à bois Baker’s Choice Amish

Cuisinières à bois Amish

Cuisinière à bois Baker’s Choice fabriquée en Ontario

Information disponible en anglais seulement.

À partir de 1999,00 $ + installation + tx

Baker’s Choice Cook Stove offers smaller homes a cook stove option, when bigger wood cook stoves just won’t fit. Not only are these wood cook stoves, but they offer the heat of wood stoves.

With Baker’s Choice wood stoves, cooking and heating go hand in hand.


Cook Stove Dimensions
Length 36″
Width 24″
Height 53 ½”

Cooking Surface
Length 34″
Width 21 ½”
Height 32 ½”

Oven Dimensions
Depth 22″
Width 14″
Height 14″

Fire Box Dimensions
Depth 14″
Width 11 ½”
Length 18 ½”

Size 7″ Oval
Location Rear

Shipping Weight 450 lbs

Area Heated 2000 sq. ft.

Baker's Choice Cook Stove